Monday, February 3, 2014

A big snowstorm is on the way--of the knock-your-socks-off-and-burrow-under-the-covers variety.  Everyone and their right hand neighbor is on the way to the store to stock up because that's what we do, we stock up.  Seeing the cupboards were fairly bare I popped in the car to do a little cupboard-filling myself...and ended up at the bookstore.

The wood creaked under my feet, reminding me that I needed eggs and bread and milk but I kept going. 

'Do you have Marilynne Robinson, When I Was a Child I Read Books?'  

The owner's eyes lit up as he made his way through the maze of shelves, knelt down to the lowest and reached back to pull out a single copy.  

'It's one of my favorite's--she's wonderful,' he said, brushing the dust from his faded jeans.  I took the book to the register and his wife rang up the sale, their tiny daughter perched in her bumbo seat on the counter.  

Back to the car I saw the clouds, reality set in and I took a breath. I don't have eggs or bread (I'll go fight it out with the crowd for the leftovers) and the Chobani coconut yogurt that tastes like pie will certainly be all gone...but I have a book.

Bring it on.

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