Monday, March 10, 2014

afternoon sun.

There were a great many thing to do today.  Important things, vital things.  
I went to the office and started them and just...couldn't.  Went home after 10 minutes and lay down with a fluffy pillow and blanket and a migraine that had won the day.

So many things to do-and they all had to wait.

Now in the quiet of late afternoon the sun is slanting through the window.  I look across the room and see a boy home from college sprawled on the sofa--sleeping.  
There's a breeze on my face on this winter-spring eve, a stolen joy that I wouldn't have but for a headache that put me to bed and left me with the energy of a snail.
And I'm thinking, is that such a bad thing after all?  To slow down enough that I sit in this patch of stained-glass sunlight and feel the breath of God brush my face.

I see the boy asleep across the room, and I'm thankful.



  1. This is lovely. I used to follow you on Tumblr and I'm glad to find you here. I am no longer on Tumblr either. I really like how you changed the view of something negative into something positive. My youngest daughter has been here this week on Spring Break and I have enjoyed it tremendously. Thanks for the reminder of that gift!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! And thanks for finding me. It's our youngest who is home also, graduating in two months. I still see him in his 'bowl cut' and red sneakers somehow. So glad you wrote - Linda