Saturday, May 24, 2014

little birds.

I'm a little obsessed with these birds right now.  I keep making them and giving them away.  

And making more...but now I'm behind.  I need to catch up with what I've given.

What's not to like?  An hour's worth of knitting and--voila!  A bird.  

Yes, the bathroom needs to be cleaned.  Yes, I should be working on that project.  But really, just one more bird... 


The birds have brought to mind one of my favorite bits from 
Emily D. 

     Hope is the thing with feathers-
  That perches on the soul-
  And sings the tune without the    words-
  And never stops-at all.
  ~Emily Dickinson

  So maybe I'm not knitting birds at all. Maybe they're just bits of hope.


  Pattern here: 
  Little Birds

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